Condition of the Month

We are currently featuring Better Health Years ago, my husband got into a car accident and our two girls were in the car with him. Fortunately, they all walked away with only bumps and bruises along with some aches and pains. We felt no need to go to the doctor. Shortly after this accident, our […]

Condition Of The Month

We are currently featuring Seizures My name is Shirley Bonilla and for 17 years I have been sufffering from seizures. I fell when i was 16 years old and hit my head. From that fall, I now have seizures which no Doctor could control. Day after day I would complain from headaches and my neck […]

Sugar and the holidays

We all are looking forward to the holidays and all the eating that goes with it.  However, the danger as always is overeating and the unfortunate side -effect – WEIGHT GAIN!!! In order to be healthy, we need to make good choices in eating, especially with all the “goodies” we will be around during our […]

The Rise of “Tech Neck” and How Chiropractic Can Help

With the rise of the cell phone has also come the rise of new symptoms and syndromes, like “Text Neck” or “Tech Neck”. Chiropractors are also finding that because people are spending more and more time sitting at a computer for extended periods of time, they are having more low back problems. As a society […]

Book Review: “Indifference; Why Our Kids are so Sick”

Dr. Derek M. Kasten, a certified pediatric chiropractor, has written this brilliant and very interesting book called “Indifference; Why Our Kids Are so Sick”. It was a relatively easy read, with great explanations of the technical terms and a bit of humor thrown in for some chuckles. In his book, Dr. Kasten points out some […]

Testimony of the Month: June

I first came to see Dr. Mortenson in early April 2006 for neck and shoulder pain, and knee and ankle pain. Then in late April 2006 I was in an automobile accident. After this accident, I had off and on blurry and double vision added to my problems. I am 75 years old and have […]

Condition of the Month: Pinched Nerves

What is a Pinched Nerve and What Conditions Can it Cause? A pinched nerve is pretty much what it sounds like, it is a nerve that has been pinched or compressed and therefore irritated and inflamed. This can be caused by a variety of things, such as a bulging or herniated disc, tight muscles, or […]

Testimony of the Month: May

We are always so excited when our patients share their testimonies with us. We love to hear about the hope and healing you have received. This month’s testimony is from a patient who knows first-hand about the pain of sciatica and we are glad to have been able to help her body heal and find […]

Chiropractic Care for Seniors

What are the benefits of chiropractic care for seniors? There are many benefits of receiving chiropractic care at all stages of life, but there are certain benefits for seniors that are very important to mention. Benefits such as decreased degeneration of the spine, pain relief, and improved range of motion are just a few. Below […]

Cold Therapy

What does Cold Therapy (Ice) do? Cold therapy, or ice, can significantly help with the healing process of an acute injury or it can be an important part in the prolonged treatment or management of a chronic condition. There are many uses for ice and many reasons to use it. Ice helps reduce bleeding into […]