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Years ago, my husband got into a car accident and our two girls were in the car with him. Fortunately, they all walked away with only bumps and bruises along with some aches and pains. We felt no need to go to the doctor. Shortly after this accident, our youngest daughter started having problems, minor ones, but ongoing. Over a period of two years, we have delt with headaches, extreme moodiness, a change in personality, and loss of concern when it came to school and freinds. We even noticed a change in her immune system. These things or symptoms gradually occurred over the past two years. We were in the doctor’s office to often and even had blood work done for fear that we were missing something more that was going on with our daughter. Absolutley nothing showed up to be of concern. At this point, we were at such a dead end and as parents, we felt such failure. We just had no idea what to do as she was sick one or two times a week and had to be on antidepressants that truly weren’t fixing the problem. A friend of ours, that is a massage therapist, was very aware of our problems. She asked me to consider letting her work on our daughter. After a couple hours, she informed me that she had a lot going on with her neck. She suggested we get x-rays done and to consider bringing her to a chiropractor. I had always known that chiroprators worked on children but just never connected her symptoms with chiropractic care.

Dr. Mortenson immediately saw that our daughter had some problems with her neck and spine. We did x-rays to identify exactly what was going on. We started treatment three times a week and then down to once a week. In a short six weeks, she had only missed one day of school! We are now going twice a month for continued healing and maintenance, with hope that she will only continue to do better over time. As parents, we don’t always see the full picture when dealing with our children. I would recommend to any family to consider chiropractic care for your loved ones. It took us two years to get this far and I thank my friend for taking the time to listen to me and see that there was something more going on with our daughter. It’s frightening to think about how her body and immune system quickly deteriorated after the accident, that didn’t seem.. “all that bad”. Dr. Mortenson and his staff have been wonderful! Thank you for helping our daughter to heal her way back to a healthy, normal teenager!

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