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We are currently featuring Seizures

My name is Shirley Bonilla and for 17 years I have been sufffering from seizures. I fell when i was 16 years old and hit my head. From that fall, I now have seizures which no Doctor could control. Day after day I would complain from headaches and my neck hurting really bad.

I went to Doctors, and to Neurologists telling them my head and neck hurt, I felt there was something wrong with my neck. They would say, “here let’s up your seizure medications” which I was on and lots of it.

The pain in my head, neck, and seizures continued. So they gave me muscle relaxers, nothing helped the pain I was having. I could not take it anymore.

I had no life. My family needed me and I could not be there for them. Due to so much pain I was having and the seizures. I felt I was losing my mind. Nothing and nobody seemed to be able to help me..

Until I came to Dr. Mortenson, it seemed to be within some kind of force. Since I have come to him three times a week. He found the problem with my neck and now I have no headaches, seizures have gone from every other day to weeks without.

I thank God for Dr. Mortenson and I beleive coming to him I will be seizure free. Because with his hands and skills, he helped me to be me again. I can be with my family as I was years ago with laughter and having the fun we as a family needed. I can be me and that means the world to me.

Dr. Mortenson, Thank you for your kindness and heart, and for saving my life from darkness into light!

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