Sugar and the holidays

We all are looking forward to the holidays and all the eating that goes with it.  However, the danger as always is overeating and the unfortunate side -effect – WEIGHT GAIN!!! In order to be healthy, we need to make good choices in eating, especially with all the “goodies” we will be around during our Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities.  One major component of all of our eating at these special events is the SUGAR that is in all the lucious foods presented.   How can we eat in such a way as to avoid the bad side effects (weight gain) and get the good side effects (joy and fellowship around the dinner table)?

We first need to think in terms of “I CAN eat this”, rather than “I can’t have any of this”.  This paradigm shift can make it a fun game of trying to find everything on the buffet that is healthy and avoiding the “bad” foods.

It is also important to be realistic at this time of the year.  You won’t be able to avoid all of the unhealthy choices, but you can certainly limit the bad effects.

It is also important to fill up on the healthy choices, first. The desserts won’t be as tempting, if you have satisfied your hunger cravings with the “good” choices first.  (It also helps not to go to the big parties hungry!)

All of this must become part a long-term strategy to eat healthier.  Eating healthier also leads to long-term of goals of being healthier.  And being healthier also leads to feelings of greater well-being, and happiness.

Cutting sugar out of our diets is difficult but there are some great books out there to help you.  The New Sugar Busters! Cut sugar to trim fat. by H Leighton Steward et. al.  Also books by Gary Taubes,  Good Calories, Bad Calories and The Case against Sugar.  You can also see reviews of his other books at: or or Good Calories Bad Calories | Samaritan Ministries

Have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

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