Testimony of the Month: May

We are always so excited when our patients share their testimonies with us. We love to hear about the hope and healing you have received. This month’s testimony is from a patient who knows first-hand about the pain of sciatica and we are glad to have been able to help her body heal and find relief.

Today is August 8, 2008, the date that was scheduled for my back surgery. Instead, I walked out of Dr. Mortenson’s office, very close to pain free. Here is my story:

In November-December of 2007 my left buttock and leg began to hurt. Why, I don’t really know, except for years of abuse. As the days went on, the pain became so severe that I couldn’t stand for more than two minutes at a time. I began chiropractic care in January (not Dr. Mortenson). Three days a week for eight weeks. I saw no improvement and my chiropractor recognized that he was not helping me. My chiropractor sent me to a Neurologist.

I was now on pain pills to just enable me to partially function through my days. After three visits for outpatient procedures of shots in my spinal joints and an epidural, the neurologist also recognized that he was not helping me. The neurologist then sent me to a neurosurgeon.

The neurosurgeon said “surgery”. He wanted to fuse my vertebra, clean up two to five ruptured discs, clean up arthritis, and scrape the middle of my vertebra to clean up spinal stenosis. Of course, I needed a second opinion. I then saw an orthopedic surgeon. His findings and procedure for correction were the same as the neurosurgeon. Since both surgeons were in agreement, surgery seemed to be my only option. Major surgery, three to five days in the hospital, back brace for three to six months, and hope that it helped.

Between my visits to the two surgeons, I was told about Dr. Mortenson. “Oh, I have already seen a chiropractor”, was my reply. “But Dr. Mortenson is not just any chiropractor”, I was told. Knowing that I really didn’t want surgery, I thought that this was my last chance. What did I have to lose? I’ll give it a try.

In the meantime, I saw my orthopedic surgeon. Not wanting to continue the pain any longer than necessary, I scheduled a surgery date. I thought that I would give Dr. Mortenson eight weeks to see improvement. Six weeks through my treatment with Dr. Mortenson, I cancelled my surgery. Today, I am almost pain free, walking four miles a day, and doing the things that I used to do (except abusing my back). Not only did Dr. Mortenson save me from the pain of surgery, he has saved Blue Cross Blue Shield thousands of dollars in expenses of surgery. The twenty percent that I would have paid for surgery will more than pay for a lifetime of chiropractic care.

Thanks Dr. Mortenson, for your knowledge and ability to give me back my life. you are Number One in my book. You also have a great staff. They are always up-beat, knowledgeable, and caring. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

G. Brawley


We hope this story gives you hope and encouragement. We look forward to hearing your story of healing!

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