Chiropractic Care for Seniors

What are the benefits of chiropractic care for seniors?

There are many benefits of receiving chiropractic care at all stages of life, but there are certain benefits for seniors that are very important to mention. Benefits such as decreased degeneration of the spine, pain relief, and improved range of motion are just a few. Below we will go into more detail on some other major benefits of chiropractic care specifically for seniors.


Improved Health and Well-Being

Anyone who has an elderly parent probably worries a lot about their quality of life, happiness, and mobility. With chiropractic care seniors can have more energy to do the things they love to do such as gardening, traveling, and crafting. It can allow patients to sleep better, boost their immune system and improve their quality of life. Studies have shown that chiropractic care has helped seniors to stay out of or delay the need for nursing homes and has decreased the amount of times they are hospitalized.

Improves Arthritis

In a study from 1976 by Dr. Ian Coulter, it was found that 44% of a group of seniors had arthritis while receiving chiropractic care while 66% of another group who did not receive chiropractic care had arthritis. Chiropractic care can reduce inflammation in joints and therefore reduce the severity of arthritis if not resolve the problem altogether. For more information on this particular study please read this article.

Improved Balance

When receiving chiropractic care, the spine is gently manipulated into its correct position. This proper alignment of the spine allows the patient to have better balance. Seniors benefit greatly from improved balance because it decreases the chance of a fall that could lead to broken bones or other injuries.

Is it Safe?

Chiropractic care for seniors is not only safe, but is highly beneficial as noted above. Chiropractic manipulations can be gentle and precise allowing for optimal results. As the spine ages, it becomes weaker, less hydrated and more fibrotic. It becomes less capable of handling normal everyday stresses and strains. A well-trained chiropractor understands the aging spine and can make appropriate adjustments to help reach the patient’s health and wellness goals.


For more information on the benefits seniors can receive from chiropractic care please review the following articles:

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