Testimony of the Month: March

We have had incredible patients who have seen firsthand how incredible health through chiropractic can be. We see a lot of patients who have had life-changing experiences with Chiropractic care, and we love hearing their stories. This month we are featuring the testimony of a patient of ours who struggled with seizures, headaches, and neck pain. Here is her story.


For 17 years I have been suffering from seizures. I fell when I was 16 years old and hit my head. From that fall, I now have seizures which no doctor could control. I would complain from headaches and my neck hurting really bad. I went to doctors and neurologists telling them my head and neck hurt, I felt there was something wrong with my neck. They would say “Here, let’s up your seizure medications”, which I was on a lot of. The pain in my head, neck, and the seizures continued. So they gave me muscle relaxers, but nothing helped the pain I was having. I could not take it anymore. I had no life. My family needed me and I could not be there for them. Due to so much pain I was having and the seizures, I felt like I was loosing my mind. Nothing and nobody seemed to be able to help me. Until I came to Dr. Mortenson, it seemed to be within some kind of force. Since I have been coming to him, he found the problem with my neck and now I have no headaches, and the seizures have gone from every other day to weeks without. I thank God for Dr. Mortenson and I believe with continuing care I will be seizure free. Because with his hands and skills, he helped me to be me again. I can be with my family as I was years ago with laughter and having the fun we as a family needed. I can be me and that means the world to me. Dr. Mortenson, thank you for your kindness and heart, and from saving my life from darkness into light.


We love hearing the testimonies our patients have, if you would like to share yours please see our staff for more information.

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