Book Review: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine

What good are vitamins?

Most chiropractors are big advocates of taking supplements (vitamins) because they understand that even though God created a perfectly working body, we humans do not take care of that same body the way we should. We don’t eat right, sleep right or exercise properly, so our bodies break down over time.

Over the years, our bodies also take abuse because the food sources are now polluted with hormones, pesticides and other substances that do not enhance our health. Going to medical doctors can also put the body under stress from too many antibiotics, and other drugs that harm the natural immune system we were born with.

Most medical doctors will label vitamins as “expensive pee”, because they have never been taught about the importance of good nutrition in our daily lives. A recent book, What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine by Ray D. Strand, M.D., speaks to his journey from nutritional skeptic to believer. It’s a great read when he explains how he came to see that taking the right supplements (vitamins) can help you maintain a better level of health.

What Does Dr. Strand Have to Say About Vitamins?

Dr. Strand makes an excellent case for taking vitamins in an optimal way instead of doing the RDA’s recommended by the government, which are truly just minimums. Dr. Strand does believe that our bodies age because of “oxidative stress” and that if we do the right types of vitamins we can help our bodies to avoid much of that stress. He also believes that we can slow that aging and the sickness in our bodies through proper nutrition. Of course, all of this is information that Chiropractors have been advocating for years, but unless, you have already been a chiropractic patient, you have not been hearing this message.

This is an excellent read. Just be forewarned that he doesn’t know anything about Chiropractic and he is still a strong advocate for vaccines, which are one of the main reasons so many children and now adults have so many chronic health problems.

You can order his book from Dr. Strand’s website here.

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