Testimony of the Month: February

We are always amazed by how well some of our patients respond to treatment and appreciate it when they offer their testimonies of chiropractic care to encourage other patients. We encourage our patients to share their stories so that others with similar conditions may receive hope.

One of our patients had this to share about her daughter and the chiropractic care she received in our office:

I would like to take this opportunity to say a few words about the care I have received from Dr. Dale Mortenson and his staff. Back in the late 1980’s my daughter began suffering severe headaches. After many trips to local doctors and many tests, no one could find a reason for the headaches. As a parent I needed to get help for her so I remembered Dr. Mortenson coming to my door several years earlier to see if I would use chiropractic care should the need arise. I really didn’t think much about it at the time until I was desperate to find relief for my daughter. We came to see Dr. Mortenson and he found that she had a twisted vertebrae in her neck. After only one adjustment her headaches were gone. We continued to bring her to scheduled appointments and found that her asthma attacks also went away. She was on the swim team and we saw remarkable improvement in her swimming after she received the adjustments from Dr. Mortenson.

I would highly recommend anyone needing relief from pain to check with Dr. Mortenson and his staff. You will find the answers to the many aches and pains you have and you could not ask for a more caring atmosphere than the one here with Dr. Mortenson.

I’d like to congratulate you on 30 years of practice in Lynn Haven and wish you many more years here in our community. You are a great asset to our community and I am proud to call you not only my doctor but also a friend.

Janice D.

May 2015

We are so thrilled that our patients can share stories like this with us and would appreciate you sharing your story with us as well.

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